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Three eggs a week Trigger Point Prostate Cancer?

This is just horrible and needs to be aware that  Consuming three eggs a week can increase the chances of men dying from prostate cancer. In addition, men who ate eggs in greater amounts are also generally not dieting, overweight, smoking, and rarely exercise.Experts in the United States revealed that men who ate eggs more than two and a half grains a week had a 81 percent higher chance of dying from prostate cancer.Disclosed that the possibility of damage to the body occurs due to the large amount of cholesterol or choline-nutrients that help the cells to function well-contained within the egg.According to the data, the average British man consumes 182 eggs per year or equal to 3.5 eggs per week.Until some time ago, the British Heart Foundation recommends eating no more than three eggs a week. This is because of fears of increased risk of heart attack and stroke.However, recommend it revoked in 2007 after new evidence that shows that very little cholesterol in eggs that enter the body's blood flow system.

Recent research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, USA, investigated the role of eggs in prostate cancer as a continuation of the discovery last year. The findings revealed that men with low levels of undiagnosed tumors will die from it if they go on a diet of eggs.Research was done by examining the eating habits of 27 thousand men for 14 years. The research team found no significant relationship between the amount of meat eaten by the tumor. But the number of deaths from cancer increased among those who claim to eat lots of eggs.In a report on their findings, the researchers say, "Men who ate 2.5 eggs a week, the risk of deadly prostate cancer attacks increased by 81 percent compared with those who consumed less than 2.5 eggs per week."However, Sarah Williams, a clerk at center of health information at Cancer Research UK said, "There are several previous studies linking egg eating habits with the risk of spread of this deadly prostate cancer. However, the results are contradictory and it remains unclear whether any effect real or not. "

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